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[PAID] Long Term - Need Talented 3D Modeler and Animator to create crossplatform fighting game.

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To keep it breif, I'm trying to create a fighting game with tiny 3d modeled characters.

It's a bit of a heavy job, as even though there is only 1 character base (low poly), with 3 different elaborate animation styles, and multiple different cosmetics (which need to be made piece by piece as players can mix and match cosmetic pieces.), multiple animations for multiple weapons and usable mechanics, interactive animations, and more  the job requires intensive animation (as its a fighting game), fluid, and not shoddy.

I have attached image references of what I'm shooting for.

I'm also looking for talented 3d environmental artists that can create elaborate maps and terrain. The graphics are not intense, I can promise you that. Think Fortnite. Clean, simple, easy for kids to pick up.

If you're interested, do not hesitate to download discord, and DM me at: karm_live#3156

We plan to work remotely, with payment distributed per-milestone, or per your conditions.
Looking forward to hearing from any of you <3

If you're interested, please, do not hesitate to contact me here, or to simply, contact me directly at

skype, at: live:.cid.c3bcc2cc407e0d56

Excelsior! Games, for the love of games!

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