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TriCAT - Unity Animator (3ds max, CC3)

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TriCAT is a market leader in virtual 3D learning and working environments, virtual classrooms and academy. We set the standard for technological developments and are constantly working on innovative solutions to make learning and cooperation economical and sustainable.

We are now seeking a talented, enthusiastic and experienced Unity Animator to work with us on a regular basis who can help with the creation/implementation of animations inside Unity, working with the Humanoid & Mecanim Animation System for bipedal characters.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creation of a rig(s) which is compatible the with unity systems and already existing animations.

  • Implementing & maintaining animations across different projects and ensure flexibility. 


  • Previous experience in a similar role in a professional capacity.

  • Strong understanding of Unity and its animation tools

  • Advanced knowledge of 3ds Max and its rigging tools

  • Professional experience in rigging and skinning for games

  • A positive collaborative and professional working attitude.

  • Must be self-motivated.


  • Working with Motion Capture data

  • Experience with Character Creator 3

This is currently a (Remote/onsite) Freelance position but could lead to full time employment.

Please email your portfolio & CV to [email protected]

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