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Trouble breaking into the industry

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Hey everyone, I don't post much here, more of a lurker than anything. I feel like I am missing out on something key in breaking into the industry. Back in 2016 I had about three interviews and landed a month work experience/internship at a small games studio, but since then everything has been silent. There are no art tests or phone interviews, lots of automated replies.

I'm not sure where exactly I'm going wrong, I'm 27 at the moment and I'm feeling like I'm just not getting where I want to be at the moment. 

I feel like I'm a little lost, and I'm not sure which direction I need to take to become hirable and useful to the industry.

I've attached my CV and Portfolio for anyone interested to check out and tear apart (in the name of progress)
if there is anything that I could change, be it portfolio, or CV.

I find cover letters to be the hardest to make during an application, so if anyone has advice for it, I would love to hear it!

Thanks for taking time to read!

Portfolio: https://jjamieson.artstation.com/


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    I like your Hydroponics Moon Base. One thing that stood out to me with your portfolio, object scale within your environments seems all over the place. Stuff either feels too big or too small. I would also cull some of the not so great pieces like first year solo project or pillar scene, just keep your very best work on there. Good luck.
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    I've already posted some thoughts in this thread... 

    The active word in Material Artist is Artist - breathe life into your work and people will pay attention to it 
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    You have some good stuff, but it's diluted among less valuable portfolio elements.

    Your substances feel like student work or tutorials and should be removed.

    Your scans are very nice but you could regroup them in a single portfolio entry. You should polish your presentation too. Check how Daniel Thiger lights his stuff.

    For the rest, I agree with PixelMasher that you should remove the less polished stuff.

    Good luck!
  • PlasmaticJj
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    PlasmaticJj polycounter lvl 6
    Thank you so much everyone! This is very valuable info!!

    @PixelMasher don't worry, I would rather the blunt and unsugared truth than sweet words, its the only realistic way to improve :)
    For specialising, I haven't delved any deeper into Photogrammetry, however since I do Photography on the side now and then (paid and hobby, so I have the gear already), would this be a good direction to explore or would that be a wasted time for other places?

    On the subject of environments, I've noticed a few people using Megascans and outsourced assets to finish up their scenes, is this practice ok for employers or offputting? I've always been hesitant to use other peoples/studios assets from UE Store, so I'm sure what employers would make of people using them on their portfolios. The only one I've used to far is the Kite demo one.

    On the question of CV/Résumé and Cover Letter, what would everyone recommend for layout (worded and look)? I know it carries less importance compared to the portfolio, but I'm not the best when it comes to words (Dyslexia).

    Thank you so much for the responses so far! I appreciate the time you've taken to respond to this post!
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    sacboi quad damage
    On the question of CV/Résumé and Cover Letter, what would everyone recommend for layout (worded and look)? I know it carries less importance compared to the portfolio, but I'm not the best when it comes to words (Dyslexia).
    Some informative advice:
  • Ripples
    You’ve had some great advice here! For me, although I don’t work in environments, if I was looking at your portfolio I’d struggle to know what your main strength is. If you had some nicely finished props for individual objects that showcased got modelling, texturing and an understanding of how to make something convincing it would make all the difference. 
    If you’d prefer to do a full environment, I’d aim for something that has a feeling of life to it. Right now your portfolio is a bit cold and process driven; there’s no hook there that makes me want to look further. Hiring managers see so many portfolios, so you need some work that pops a little; one glance at all the substance materials and they may even miss your better work such as the temple. Good luck, I think you have every chance to break into the industry, and I hope it works out for you.
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