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MAYA: Chamfer edges like in MAX?

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goekbenjamin polycounter lvl 5
Is it possible to chamer edges in maya like it works in max?

Found that great vid on "low to highpoly":

He is working in MAX:

His Base model looks like that:

and this is mine:

now when he chamfers the model, this happens:

and what i have read, "bevel" is the closest i get in maya? when i bevel i get this:

is there realy no other way in maya then "bevel"?

I actually only selected the hard eges and beveled those and added "smooth" (opensubdiv), it looks okay i guess:


  • Ghogiel
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    Ghogiel greentooth
    You aren't going to get anywhere near how max handles chamfers and proceedurally control of it etc. But yes bevel is how it's done in Maya. smoothing groups in max is a good way to handle making the selections, imo hard edges are often as well in Maya. some just set them manually or with a combo of by angle. And once you have hard edges, you can convert that selection to the edges you want to chamfer. If you don't have a script yet, here is the one I use to quickly select hard edges, then you can use it to make bevels. It's also what I use to make essential cuts to UVs where hard edges are.

    polySelectConstraint -m 3 -t 0x8000 -sm 1; // to get hard edges

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