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Game Hair 01

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ArshadM polycounter lvl 7
Hi, this is my new personal project i am working on. trying to pratice game hair and i would love some feedback on this. =)

Current Hair cards are 29k polys but ill perform mesh reduce after final modeling is done that should bring polycount under 25k polys,
Hi-poly hair particles generated in xgen, baked in xNormal , hair modeling done in maya and rendered in UE4.
Thanks  :)


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis grand marshal polycounter
    I think the general form, cards, and texturing look great! My one critique is the hair strands seem kind of thick.
  • TriGon_
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    TriGon_ polycounter lvl 2
    Hey first off really solid hair man! The biggest Threepointers I could give you are:

    To start off just like when you're making a high poly the silhoute, it's rather boring and perfectly smooth. Break it up more with some medium dense cards. and add some more flyaway to egt some frizz to it.

    The hair seems a bit too much in parts, I know it's the hairstyle but looks a bit odd to me. it's better to upload your main refernce as well to compare it to. 

    to really check the flow against the reference you're using as some hair cards seem to be flowwing a bit unnatrural ignoring gravity. also make the hair more imperfect as I said earlier break up the silhoute more but also split the hair ends a bit more (google hair split ends)

    But like I said really nice looking hair tho

    it's a little messy but I hope it vissualy aids my points a bit
  • ArshadM
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    ArshadM polycounter lvl 7
    @Ashervisalis thanks , already working on it  =)

    @TriGon_ thanks for feedback and the paintover. and yes i get your points, for refrence i didnt use any i just kinda winged it until it looked good and i think that probably the issue with the unnatural flowing hair as you pointed out. im gonna this another try with proper refrence board this time.

    i appreciate the help guys, thanks again  :)
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