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UVs got broken only in Substance painter

polycounter lvl 3
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Lauralph polycounter lvl 3
This bowl is very big in my scene and it requires high definition texture to look fine.

I tried to cut the wall into repetitive pieces that can be unwrapped into square islands, which can match at least the left and right borders of texture tiles, so that the bowl should looks perfect with seamless textures applied. 

But the UV got broken when imported into substance painter, however it looks fine in marmoset toolbag viewer.

So how do I fix it ?

  • This is what happened when I loaded my object into substance painter and applied a UV checker.

  • And it turns out perfect in Marmoset toolbag 3.

  • This is what the original UV map should look like.

  • However when loaded into substance painter, seems like whatever touches the upper or right border of every tile get torned apart.


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