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[RELEASED] EXTILE non-repetitive tiling shader

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Using various noise algorithms Extile can eliminate the "ugly" repetitiveness associated with tiling textures for both geometric and organic patterned textures. It also comes with many additional effects such as dirt effects and Z-up puddles as well as other texture properties. By default all the materials are in world aligned space - triplanar - but can be switched to object space if so desired.
Extile is built to be both flexible and customizable. To accomplish this all of its properties are dissected into modular subgraphs that you will find in the subgraph folder. This gives you the power to use them and build your own creations adding them to your projects as you see fit.

The project file comes with 6 PBR graphs that represent various iterations of the 11 subgraphs present from advanced setups to very basic ones.

Rendering pipelines supported: SRPLW, SRPHD


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