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[WIP] Ruger Mark IV Lite + Suppressor and Reflex Sight

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IgroMaks polycounter lvl 7
Hello! After about half of a year of doing nothing for my portfolio finally starting my new WIP. This time I wanted something modern with interesting shapes and opportunity to attach suppressor and sight. So I decided to make Ruger Mark IV Lite.

I really like the contrast between black and gold colors so this color will be the main, but I will also make other color variations of the barrel like that:

I challenged myself to make the full pipeline in 14 days. I have about 4-6 hours every day after my work - this should be enough for me.

Today is Day 0 as I spend just about 3 hours to collect all needed references:

I'll try to post here every day so stay tuned! Btw, you can find my other works here: https://www.artstation.com/elizion


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