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AO baking issue

polycounter lvl 2
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GoDomo polycounter lvl 2
hey guys, I cant find any inforamtion that would help me. I've tried baking in marmoset, susbtance and AO is the same everywhere (normal had no problems). Changing the  cage doesnt seem to be doing anything and the low poly is nicely comformed to the high poly so at this point Im at a lost as i never have ran into a problem like this before. hopefully you guys will have some ideas about it.


  • Ghogiel
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    Ghogiel greentooth
    This being a thin clothing object, I'm guessing there thickness to the model, so geo on both sides of the cloth so it's fully enclosed. If so I am going to guess you have inter penetrating backfaces in the high poly. In Zbrush turn off back face culling and you'll probably see where the back side is clipping through.

    To make all this easier to fix just make the internal side a separate poly group and you can adjust it easier. In the future keep an eye on it and maybe make use of backface masking in the brush settings etc.
  • GoDomo
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    GoDomo polycounter lvl 2
    thanks man i fixed it now. Forgot that that could be a problem :smiley:
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