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"Costa Del Sol" - Spanish Town Unreal 4 environment + Tutorial + VR - Dev Journal

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Thiago Klafke here, sharing updates on my next personal project, "Costa Del Sol"!

This environment is inspired by the Costa Del Sol region in Spain. I fell in love with the architecture of this place right away. I love how bold and straightforward the shapes are and how the color pops come from plants, props, and organic elements.

My main goals with this environment are to finally deep dive into Substance Designer, create a fun VR space to explore, and document my entire journey to turn into a tutorial that will stand the test of time!


I'm not recreating any area specifically but creating my version taking inspiration from these places:

Here's a top-down sketch with the main points of interest. The player starts down in a tunnel, walks up to the street, and has the coast to one side and the town surrounded by rocks on the other. I want to have a strong sense of directionality and leave some "hooks" to expand the environment later to make the VR version more fun to explore.

The first Dev Log video on my Youtube channel explains more about this part if you are interested:

I then created a kit with primitives and simple shapes that I'm using to quickly blockout the level in Unreal 4. My main goal for this phase is to get a rough idea in place. I will then replace all this geometry with "real" geometry and iterate on the whole map in stages. Think of it as a progressive JPG loading, where each pass enhances the entire picture at once.

View from the rocks

The backdrop will be much more populated later on, but I want to make sure I get the idea across.

An archway

The church.

A view from one of the apartments towards the Church plaza, showing the coast in the distance.

The main street where lots of commerce will be.

Another shot from the main street.

The town carved into the rocks.

A view of the backdrop.

Dev Log #2

I also recorded a new Youtube Dev Log, where you can see the blockout in action:


Tools come and go, but knowledge persists no matter what. I still use many of the techniques to build maps from when I made Counter-Strike 1.6 maps. I want to bring that knowledge to a new generation of artists while updating these techniques to the cutting-edge of contemporary environment art. 

I will occasionally open pre-order windows for this tutorial, so everyone who follows my work can get it for much cheaper. I see it as the equivalent of investing in a small company before it grows and reaches its full form. A small investment early can have huge returns later. Well, in this case, by getting in early, you can get A LOT of value for the best price possible.

So between now and Wednesday at midnight (California time), the first 100 users can pre-order the "Founders" edition of the tutorial (intended price point: $300) for ONLY US$50!

This edition will be the complete one and pack a significant value and bonus content that you won't find in the standard version.

Pre-Order Now Here!

* You are only charged the moment the tutorial goes live!

This tutorial has been an insane amount of work, and I won't be discounting it any time after release, so don't wait if you want to lock down the best price ever :) Next time I open the pre-orders, the price will go up slightly.

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If you want to stay up to date and get informed when the pre-order windows open and receive exclusive content (like my recent email on How you can make a higher salary at your current job), you can subscribe to my mailing list! I message people very rarely, and only when I have meaningful content. 

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