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4K Document - Zbrush - AntiAlliasing Jagged on 4k renders.

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GarethStandfield polycounter lvl 3
Hey so i couldn't really find a solution for my hair problem from last time, so decided if try moving in the direction of stylized hair cards as a resolution for the problem. 

Sadly the same issue i have had in the past with 4k documents with fibermesh on zbush AA settings seem to do nothing or in the worst case, make the problem 5x worse. 

This is the viewports view

An after a ton of trys this is the best JPG i could get out, Tifs or PSD seem to amplify the issue ten fold for some odd reason, but as you can see some strands just have a very unrefined choppiness too them an nothing much changed the result. 

All the guides i found online say too use the "AA HALF" button but that does not work with this as you then cant get accurate renders for the alphas/other maps on a 4k document. Mighty confused too why this issue plagues everything to do with hair cards or 4k maps in general. I dont seem to have it with much else.
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