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Starpocket's 2D character design and illustration thread - Critique welcome!

Hi everyone! I'm currently a university student at USC's game design program and I want to be a character artist or illustrator for games as a career. I have a long ways to go but I wanted to start posting here regularly to get feedback from you guys to help me progress. I intend to focus on some visdev work for the time being but for the last few years I've been focusing solely on illustration. For now I have 3 old illustrations I've done for a world I'm developing and I'd love some feedback on them. As they stand I don't think I intend to go back and revise these pieces, but I'd love to get some critique on them so I can start to identify any consistent shortcomings in my work. 

Here are the 3 illustrations I'm most proud of right now. Any constructive criticism would be incredibly appreciated!


  • Starpocket
    Hello again everyone! Here's another Illustration I've done before I start tackling some character art and turnarounds. I really wanted to focus on the values on this one to highlight the characters. Let me know what you think!
  • Starpocket
    Tried to go through with a full character design. Would really appreciate some thoughts and feedback on the character as well as thoughts on the sheet itself as I'm not too familiar as to what is supposed to go on it. I really tried to practice facial expressions because drawing faces is far from my strong suit
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