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Starpocket's 2D character design and illustration thread - Critique welcome!

Hi everyone! I'm currently a university student at USC's game design program and I want to be a character artist or illustrator for games as a career. I have a long ways to go but I wanted to start posting here regularly to get feedback from you guys to help me progress. I intend to focus on some visdev work for the time being but for the last few years I've been focusing solely on illustration. For now I have 3 old illustrations I've done for a world I'm developing and I'd love some feedback on them. As they stand I don't think I intend to go back and revise these pieces, but I'd love to get some critique on them so I can start to identify any consistent shortcomings in my work. 

Here are the 3 illustrations I'm most proud of right now. Any constructive criticism would be incredibly appreciated!


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