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Do I Really Need Nvidia GPU For 3D?

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Alander787 polycounter lvl 3
I'd like to upgrade my GPU. I have RX 580 which isn't exactly suitable for 3D, but it's enough for gaming. But, I want to get something better for 3D too. I feel like my options in that case are only Nvidia GPUs. First I was ok with it and thought that I would buy RTX 2070 Super, however I recently discovered that those aren't available anymore and if they are, they are overpriced as hell. I would be ok with paying for 3070, but those aren't available either and they only have 8GB VRAM aand they are also more expensive. Their pricing is at 600 dollars, but in my country, they start at 800 which sounds totally ridiculous for me....

I would be happy if I could buy an AMD card, but I want to enhance my 3D work performance too...is it possible with the new upcoming AMD GPUs?
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