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[WIP][UE4] Asian inspired Cyberpunk environment

Last Update (4/11/2020)


 Hey guys!

This is my first game environment scene and first to learn the whole Game Pipeline.

At first, I was looking for topics related to Hong Kong, however, Cyberpunk 2077 was promoting. I was curious about the difference between Eastern cyberpunk and Western narrative.

The first stuff that comes to my mind is Kowloon Walled City and Chungking Mansions. Both places are not regulated by the government. The dense space is full of all kinds of strange things. They already have strong storytelling.


 This is my combination of inspiration imageboard.

I'd written down some words when I've thought of some interesting visual elements or stories. That words can be descriptions, some stuff, activities, etc… it would help me to organize and associate, especially when you have a lot of references pictures later. And It also can extend my reference. Some example below :

>Illegal shop / black market          >Underground activity                     >Staggered living environment

>Isolated community                     >Ambiguous                                       >Lower class life

>Intensive                                         >unauthorized construction           >Surveillance

>Can not See the sunlight             >Long narrow passage                    >Chaotic pipeline

>Extend in all directions                >Semi-open space                            >Huge monster building

>Hong Kong Neon light                  >Chinese Medicine Osteopathy     >Light pollution



So this is my overall composition. I've learned a bit about Value Sketch and composition techniques. I started to create a scene in Maya and simply painted it in Photoshop. It's really useful for creating fore/mid/background and Focal Points as well.



I decided to make a Chinese clinic combined with the mechanical prosthetic shop. I was a little confused when I started blockout , because it is a brand new thing that only can imagine. my point is to clearly define the areas first and grasp the elements with a strong sense of narrative.

Thanks for watching!

In the next post, I will start to do the color and lighting. I don't know much so far, I hope to receive some comments. Or maybe you want to know more about the project, just let me know.


  • TonyNkc

    I textured a grey tone to every mesh and colored the largest mesh to test the lighting. 
    First off, the Window and exterior. I don't know if it is because of the lighting, the liquid question is not clear and bright enough.

    The Interior part is darker than the window part. But still want to get a good light source to lit up these props, especially those Ancient utensils. In addition, I want to make a Light Transition for variation of color. I temporarily tried the red screen light, wonder if it would be better to use blue light. This setting have 5 light sources.

    I will try to add some Mysterious and weird feeling here.
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