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[UE4] SciFI Mech Weapons Factory (WIP)

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Hello polycount,

my name is Daniel Brück, I am a 3D artist and have been working in architectural visualization for the last two years. But since I learned Game Art and 3d animation (game development and prob creation) I would like to try to get a foothold in this field.

Every time I take a look at my portfolio I notice that I can't present a big and complex scene there yet.

Because I worked a lot with Unreal the last years and also developed some small prototypes, I would like to build up a SciFi environment in Unreal (mech weapons factory) and create a small movie, nothing big, a few camera movements and closeups (1,5-2 min).

I always liked this forum very much and was often able to get competent advice, but I was never really active in my work, I would like to change that and keep you up to date with this thread. I would also like to use this thread to get feedbeck and advice.

since i would like to try something new i would like to use the "Star Citizen" workflow for the assets and trim sheets/ tilabe textures and mesh normal decals for the textures and highlights. I've used it from time to time, but never in a big project together, let's see how it works!

I have already looked at some references for my project and I know roughly the direction in which it should go. Here is my current status and the link to my portfolio for possible tips!

Thanks a lot and see you later :)


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    Update #1

    Hello everyone,
    here comes my first update to my project with some pictures. I've been modeling the last days and I've done a lot. The corridor assets as well as most of the hall assets are finished, but before I start the rest I wanted to check if everything works as I thought it would. The assets I have edited in 3ds max 21 with a chamfer and the new weighted normals modifier and I am positively surprised how well it works together.

    For the UVs I made sure that all islands have the same size (Pixel Density 5.12 / 2048/2048 texture). I use tilable textures preferably substance materials because I can edit and change them directly in Unreal, but I also use quixel materials, I would like to have as little unique textures as possible. For some smaller assets I will not be able to get around it, but that is OK.

    I don't know if the order was ok, but I would like to test some materials and do some mesh decals after the unwrapping. Here are some screens of the hall scaffolding.

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    Daniel_B polycounter lvl 3
    Update# 2

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to submit a small update on my project. I have been working hard the last few days to equip my assets with decals. In the beginning it was quite tedious and I often shot up decals and UVs and had to start over countless times until I slowly got the hang of it. Since I'm still working my way through the whole thing piece by piece I'm learning with every new step.

    I decided to not only create normal decals but also to use colour and emissive decals for my assets, each of which gets its own material / slot in Unreal. Therefore I have created two atlases on which I collect my decals, I left some space to add some more if necessary. My scene has gained some colour and material, but due to the enormous scale of my scene I am still missing some assets that bring some life and create some dynamics. I have also taken care of the light and this will be the next step as soon as I am roughly finished with the setting.

    For the pipes I used classic mesh splines, which worked great. That's why I had the idea to create my playpens in the hall with splines to save myself the annoying snapping and to be able to react to changes more easily. In the Master material in Unreal I added a grunge texture for the color decals to bring some used effects in.

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