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Gargoyle and Shield Statue : Prop (WIP)

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Just a quick work in progress showcase of a new prop that I will be focusing on over the next month or so! This will be completely modelled in Zbrush, then brought into Maya for retopology and UV adjustments and then finally brought into Unreal/Marmoset for final renders and set dressing with some Quixel materials and plants. This will be a game ready prop so efficiency will be focused on! 

This is after a 3-4 days of work. just getting the base shapes and forms down using dynamesh and sculptris pro and then a Zremesh to create a nice low poly topology to then switch over to a subdivision workflow.

Any feedback/critique is always welcomed and appreciated and furthermore, if you have any questions about the work or even the workflow then feel free to ask! :D 

And here is the reference images that I am using : 


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