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Mirroring UV's

Hi, I was lately working on a revolver model based on other artists concept art. I have high-poly and low-poly model. I wanted to practise hardsurface modeling, working with concept art and creating game assets. My question is about mirroring UV's. Is it a good idea to mirror all of the UV's, which means they would overlap, in order to save texture space? Would that have any bad infuelnce on e.g. baking normals in substance painter? (By mirroring UV's I mean unwraping model and after that applying mirror modifier - I'm working in Blender) All of the parts of high-poly and low-poly are mirrored so both sides are the same.  I've never done that this way, I usually unwrapp UV without any overlapping parts of unwrpped mesh.

High-poly model of the revolver


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