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Hard surface modelling advice for a basic shape

I am quite new to 3D and I am trying to model this quite basic fastening component as part of a larger model.

I am trying to create a sort of blunt bullet shape, which is flat at one end. I also need to add a cutout section about half way up the mesh, with each of the interior faces flat, and the outer surface rounded. Imagine you have a bullet, then apply a boolean modifier, using a thin, square tile arranged lengthwise, to subtract a thin slice from the tip of the bullet up to about halfway.

I started with a cube, applied a subdivision surface modifier and used support loops to control the corners. Then I added a mirror modifier. I felt like it would be easier to construct half the mesh and mirror rather than using a boolean.

But I am a it stuck getting the base to be flat and remove an ugly crevice from the center of the mesh. I have posted my progress so far and hopefully this explains what I am trying to accomplish.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, and please let me know if I should post any other angles, wireframes etc. :)


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