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LiLith Diablo 4 fan art

polycounter lvl 6
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hungnq1012 polycounter lvl 6
Hello there, I have done my latest art work Lilith from Diablo 4 Fan art. concept by Igor Sid
you can see more images here:
if you have any Critics to help me improve please cmt
Thank you. hope you like it


  • KW_Arts
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    KW_Arts polygon
    Any form of critique at this point is probably nit picky as this is awesome man! All i have to say personally is maybe adjust the background to your renders. The really dark, almost black, bottom part of the background is causing a lot of the detail and high frequency noise from the rocks bellow her dress to get completely lost and hard to read. Just a re balance of the gradient would be nice :)
    Otherwise, really awesome work man!

    I'm quite new to polycount and am looking for people to give me some feedback myself! so if you could visit my forum and leave a comment as well I would seriously appreciate it, thanks :D 
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