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Seams issue when importing a model into Substance Painter (Normal map is ok!)

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Hi guys, my problem :s is that the seams that you can see below are reflected in the Substance Painter, they are not visible either in the Marmoset or in the Maya. 
The model is symmetric, the smoothing groups are configured correctly, before baking all the symmetry was pushed aside, the model was triangulated and baked.
About the problem gif- https://gyazo.com/8370f1b38767d0c31292f6511f90ebe2
When importing into Substance i turn normal to openGL, shader pbr-metal-rough
As you can see, these seams are independent of the bake map, so using triplanar or other methods will not work.If anyone has encountered this problem, I will be glad to accept help! Please review all materials before asking or advising! Thanks! =)


  • lammer_228
    pior said:
    Three high level points : 

    - If the model was triangulated for baking, then make sure that you send the exact same triangulated model to Substance. Otherwise you are taking two consecutive blind bets about your meshing (export out, and import in).

    - The way the model shades inside Substance is of no importance anyways. This is likely not your end context - your game engine is. So you can basically ignore what the Substance viewport shows shading-wise. Unless you plan to render in it it's basically meaningless.

    - It's also possible that you are not baking with a universal algorithm. For the longest time Maya used it's very own, not found anywhere else if I am not mistaken. Meaning that one needed to make sure that normals/tangents stayed completely untouched otherwise it would be impossible to display a flawless result when using the data (model and texture) anywhere else. Not sure if that's still the case though.

    Good luck.

    Very useful information, thank you, I will check all points.
  • poopipe
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    poopipe high dynamic range
    The only caveat to what pior says is that painter will use the normal map to generate certain effects so there are some circumstances where mismatched tangent basis can cause weird shit to happen.

    It's not a big concern in 99% of cases 

    Tbh though I'd just bake in painter. Maps baked there work fine with unreal and unity and anything else using mikktspace (which is most things)
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