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ZombieDawgs polycounter
Hey y'all, it's been a while since I've dropped anything on Polycount but it's nice to finally be working on a more personal project that I can share like this. This thing has been brewing now for about a year and a half (on and off) and I just wrapped up the lowpoly today and wanted to share where I'm at. The goal is to have a hero-tier enemy character where only one or two will ever be on the screen at once. It's currently sitting at about 100,000 tris, with about half of it coming from it's internals. 

The internals were assembled using a kitbash set from Mark Van Haitsma, which basically helped give me the push over the final hurdle for this thing to get where it is now. The rest was made by myself in Maya.

Going to finalise the bakes and then head into texturing next.

2x2048x2048 sheets for the body and legs, texel density 1024ppm
1x1024x1024 sheet for the internals, texel density 1024ppm

All the joints are set up to articulate fully with a wide range of motion mimmicking that you'd find on a dog or large cat, the endgame would be an IK system in Unreal that allows it to move about naturally.


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