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Havie polycounter lvl 5

I am a computer science and game design major. I am looking to learn some of the art side disciplines, specifically animations. In order to do that I also need to learn how to identify and create the proper skeleton for my games needs (hackNSlash). I already know how to rig (3ds Max). I then need to learn how to animate the rig for either standard or root motion. (will need help identifying which is the right choice for my game)
I am looking to hire an industry expert familiar with setting up skeletal rigs for my tasks and teaching me how to animate it properly. I am hoping to work in 3Ds max, but if the right candidate wants to work with me for a great rate I can probably get a student license for Maya as well. 

I am requesting applicants have English as their primary language just to save on time and confusion while we communicate remotely. 

If interested please send me what you would like hourly as a rate and some previous work as closely related to character animations for the following games:

Dynasty Warriors 3
Shadow of Mordor 
Assassins Creed
Ghost of Tsushima 
Total War Three Kingdoms

Please remember I am a student looking to learn more, I probably can not afford your usual salary but will try to get close for the right candidate. 

Thank you for your time!
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