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Critique on character model

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I am making this character for some practice and I would very much appreciate any feedback on the body as well as the clothing, its still a work in progress but it would be nice to get some advice. I made the majority of the clothing in marvelous designer and then edited it in Zbrush, I would love to hear thoughts on it.


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    This is difficult to guide without knowing what you're trying to make specifically.  

    Do you have a concept you're working from, or is this oan off-the-cuff design?
  • HarlequinWerewolf
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    HarlequinWerewolf interpolator
    Yeah, like Brian said, we need to know where you're taking this.

    On another note, do you have any images of her without clothing so we can get an idea of the underlying anatomy? Are you going realistic with this or some stylisation? 
  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master
    A handy tip would be to use a program like Daz3D for figure reference while sculpting in zB. Daz3D is a free program and very handy to have on an extra screen while you are sculpting as you can view the base figure from any angle.

    Like has been said its usually a good idea to include a turn around series of shots of your underlying figure first off just so you can get some guidance on the foundation of your character work. You don't need a super detailed base figure but you do need to ensure that the muscle masses and proportions tell the correct story.

    To help viewers include some information on what you are trying to achieve. we don't need to know what she had for breakfast but it is handy to know what style you are aiming for. If none than write that.

    As far as the figure itself, then the hands and feet need work, the deltoid is a bit wonky and the clothing looks too thick and there is an absence of form descriptive folds.
  • Crazy_pixel
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    Crazy_pixel interpolator
    Oh  nice, what kind of character are you want to create? Which setting, what is your aimed style?

    I would suggest, jump back to the body and ignore for now the cloth pieces. 
    As Kanga mentioned daz could be a good guide to check the proportions but don't rush and fix first the body make it work and then build the rest. 

    Currently the body is hard to judge but the hands ( fingers) are to thin and her feet are kinda out of balance.

    Keep it up  :)

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