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Need help and advice for a newbie

polycounter lvl 2
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ecadlmpt polycounter lvl 2
I am new to this industry and this forums, sorry if it don´t post this on the right forum. I don´t have any oney and my lack of experiencie and knowledge won´t let me get a job in order to learn more and pay courses to learn more and become a better artist. I´m afraid of getting to old and still have no experiencie background on real projects and productions.

Recently found out that i want to focus on environment and props modeling but there are a lot of things i do not understand.
I will resume my main questions because i don´t really want to extend to much this article.

My first question is, do we always have to do retopo in all objects? Environments as you know tend to have a lot of objects so for one person this process would take too much time, I basically understand that retopo is for getting a good flow in the geometry and reduce geometry but retopo applies only for very high poly or sculpted meshes? If I build something like a bed, a tv, objects more polygonal do this process has to bo applied anyway? or is it correct to leave objects just the way thy are as long as they have good topology and poly count?

Other process that confuse me a lot is baking. I´ve seen that this is applied to high poly meshes to the low poly meshes but I don´t know if beyond that this process is necessary for good texturing.

Again, excuse me i am really a noob in this but hoping to become a great artist one day.
All the advices for starting my career, gettin started with a little budget, how to get to know better the industry and get my work seen, understand better the workflows applied and pipelines, know when you have good meshes ready for productions, everything you can give me would be lot appreciated since i have lots of questions.

Beforehand I wanna thank you all for your patience and time with a newbie, looking forward to see your answers.
Greetings and have great day.


  • Eric Chadwick
    Don't worry about your age. Quality is much more important. Showing good artwork is the most important thing. Many have started late.

    Retopo is not always required. Nor is baking required. It is important to understand these techniques, but use the right technique for the right job.

    We have many resources on our wiki.

    Also a good way to learn is to start a small project. Make a topic in the section 3D Art Showcase and Critiques. Update your topic regularly with replies, sharing your progress, and asking questions.
  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    Agree with Eric here.

    If i had to redo things, i'd go prop artist learn all i could with very small objects then go up.  From the props position you get enough information to start creating environments and leveling up from there.

    Best of luck for an example find an environment you are interested in could be a image(painting/drawing) / picture / landscape,ect then create props for it, or those in the image/ect, add anything you think would benefit it, flowers, leaves, pots, gates, you get the idea.  Then you will have the assets you are talking about as a prop artist, apply to jobs with those, learn how the landscape creation works at the same time (saving time), then the land then the building, ect.
    Then bobs your uncle.
  • valentin_baguirov
    I would go as far as to say that fundamentals can get you pretty far (from what Ive seen), because techniques and workflows change decently often.
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