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[WIP] Stylized Characters and Weapon

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Hey everyone! I started this project back in April but have slowly been making progress on my own while going to school (so extra character design and Illustration work.) I'm posting this as a walkthrough for my process and any feedback that could be given (I would highly appreciate it, always striving to be better.)

I will post what I have currently in progress and will slowly be adding more until the project as a whole is finished. 
The general idea for this was a tag team duo "BBot and Kitter" (names may change) "BBot" is a standard heavy armored Mecha and "Kitter" is a hyper intelligent cat who is addicted to coffee and uses a large rocket launcher as a weapon.

1.) Concepts: BBot (concept by Eden West- https://www.artstation.com/eden-west )

Concept: Kitter's Rocket Launcher (Concept by: Dylan Scher- https://www.artstation.com/dscher  )

2.) High Poly Models

BBot High Poly:

3.) Low Poly (Shrinkwrap, In progress): 

Let me know what you think! I will update when I make more progress.


  • Mr_Nova
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    Mr_Nova node
    *Update 2: Lowpoly Finished (starting UV's unwrapping.)

    High poly: 1.777,076 Tri's
    Low poly: 20,403 Tri's

    UV's will soon be unwrapped and then will be brought into Substance Painter to be baked (same process for the characters when I get around to it.)
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