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Car mechanics Blueprint doubts (UNREAL)


I am working on a basic endless racing game. 

I have managed to make the platform move behind the car and now I want to spawn some buildings next to this platform and I want them to move behind with the main platform as well.

Some of the Issues/ doubts the I have are mentioned below

1- I want the meshes to avoid any clipping within and also I don’t want them to be separated by a large distance (as close as possible). The way I have done this is using construction script

2- What is the best way to spawn random buildings instead of just one spawning all over, how I am doing is to create an array ‘BuildingMesh’ with setting all the InstanceStaticMesh in this array. But I am not seeing anything getting spawned.

3- Also, How can I add a random road on side platforms which shouldn't clip with any of the buildings

4- How to change pivot of a static mesh

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