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What makes houdini good?

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Hi!, tl;dr at the end if you prefer it that way.

I just started 3D and im totally in love, I have used cinema 4D and Maya years ago when I tried to learn 3D but lack motivation (I was mostly doing 2D back then), now I tried again as an adult and I love it, Im using Blender at the moment and what I have notice is that in their core; Cinema, Maya and Blender are the same in terms of modeling, you can get professional results regardless of the software if you know what you are doing.

But in terms of VFX im clueless between the differences of the different 3D Packages, I have only known Blender's simulations at the moment (I do wish to learn Houdini in the future tho). So my question is: what are the main differences between 3D packages in terms of VFX? what makes the simulations better in one software in relation to another?, Is that the calculations are more realistic? or is that the tools are better so you can tweak a better simulation?

Tl;Dr What exactly makes Houdini good in terms of VFX?, I say houdini since I see it's the Zbrush of VFX, but not necessarily needs to be houdini, I just want to know the differences between 3D packages in terms of VFX


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    On my taste , a guy who are not doing any VFX really , Houidini is an opposite of what a convenient, artist friendly 3d soft should be looking like .   

    I very much hope Cinema and maybe Blender  too would provide same level of flexibility in the future.     

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