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[Paid] looking for a special 3D cartoon character

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Edit: position filled. Thanks for all submissions!

Hi, I'm looking for a low poly 3D cartoon character - textured and rigged (but no special animation needed but should work with mixamo.com) - fitting this cartoon style:

The character should be a sympathetic blond "surfer dude" / "everyday guy" - approx.  30 years old. Think of him as a combination of these game characters (but NO plain copy, without braid, with modern day clothes):


A quick 2D sketch upfront to go sure we share the same visual idea would be great. 

I want to use the model as a humanoid rigged 3D character in Unity3D - so it would be great if the result will work out of the box without tweaks needed.

I'm looking forward to your quote (invoice needed). Thanks! :)
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