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[Finished] The Old Mines [UE4]

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Sherif3142 polycounter lvl 3
Hi everyone!

This is somthing I've been working on recently in my free time, One of the objectives of this was to get better at realistic lighting and composition in UE4, I'm working on a few alternative lighting setups as well and will post that in the next couple of days.

All the assets used here were created in Maya & ZBrush and textured with Substance, Lighting, Rendering and VFX were done in UE4.

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oAJKZz
C&C are welcome!


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis high dynamic range
    Hey, looks really cool! I love the vibe going on in the scene. In the last scene image, I feel the camera effects (depth of field) make the scene feel like a miniature. I'm wondering why you would show off the car's decimated mesh's wireframe, I feel you could leave those images out of the project. Lighting, composition, materials, all really cool. Are all the materials Substance Designer?
  • pixelpatron
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    pixelpatron greentooth
    Not bad, great scene.....couple things would really help this scene to push it further. 

    The theming of the road and it's lighting needs an identity. What does that mean? Welp your lighting fixtures suggest that it's a city road, meaning these lights are run by the city grid and and upkeep/maintenance would be their responsibility, that seems in contrast to the vibe you're going for. I'd suggest something like this instead. (old farm lighting) 

    If you do stick with the more city style, I'd suggest adding the other elements to support it. (guard rail, turn sign...etc). 
    The road itself I'd consider just making one lane (maybe it was two way when it wasn't bad weather conditions), although I'd expect to see something more like this: 

    Lastly the mine and the composition. It'd be far more interesting seeing the car smashed into the pole on the left side of the screen (lights out) or very dim having been hit, and footsteps across the road, maybe even some blood splatters in the snow, and light coming from inside the mine tunnel itself. (inviting to explore). You attempted it with the headlights, but I don't think it's very successful, as it's just so busy around the entrance, you could achieve more with less. 

    Good luck.
  • pixelpatron
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    pixelpatron greentooth
    Oh ya, showing the horizon would be good too. Something like this,

    or a sliver through the trees of something like this, 

  • Sherif3142
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    Sherif3142 polycounter lvl 3
    @Ashervisalis Hey thanks! The car was manually retopologized actually, might look decimated because the interior/ car seat was triangulated before baking.

    Yup every material in this scene was made in substance including the stars/aurora effect in the sky.

    @pixelpatron Thanks for the feedback! you made a few good points, I tried to have light coming from inside the mine cave, but that didn't look very realistic specially that the theme I was going for was a closed/abandoned mine.

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