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KV-1 WW2 Soviet heavy tank critique

Hello everyone !!

This is my first post here, I found online that this is a good site for feedback and community. Started doing 3d back in march when the lockdowns started and I enjoy it much. So I would like to improve. I am modeling mainly tanks from WW2 at the moment as I love history. 

Tank is modeled in blender and textured in substance painter. I made it low poly with games in mind as I am also a passionate gamer. 
It has 6607 polys.

Every feedback and critique is very much appreciated. Maybe I over did it with the bumpiness on some places? 

Thanks everyone :) 


  • theycallmedualian
  • Nikola_Roglic
    Oh I forgot to post it, here it is.
  • teodar23
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    Good stuff!
    A bit low poly for current gen games. Some intersecting geometry here and there.
    About textures, there are some edges that shouldnt be edges meaning they get that edge wear from the smart material and in reality you wouldnt have edge wear for example on the curved protection thing at the base of the cannon.
    I see a lot of repetition in some parts which mean overlapping uvs, which is good but maybe do a few unique and duplicate those shuffling them around - rotate, mirror them so that they dont repeat as much.
    And yes, the bumpyness is a bit too much.
  • Nikola_Roglic
    Thanks for the advice,
    Intersecting on some places on the tracks? Where they bend? 
    I used some smart materials as base and then manually added and removed some spots, guess I need more practice. I used overlapping uvs to save space on the maps for wheels, tracks and suspensions. Tracks are just one track peace sharing uvs all over, bottom wheels are having two variations and small top wheels are the same. Thanks will try next time to mix it up a bit more. Its obvious at the suspensions. Also the poly count, it depends on the genre of games I guess. Lower for RTS and more for something like World of tanks or battlefield. Will google around more about that. 

    Thanks again, will try to implement it on my next piece. 
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