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[WIP] Clicker - 3D character fanart

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svi_graphics triangle
Hi, my name is Sergi Viladesau, I'm a student at Animum 3D and I'm doing this character as a school project. I will be posting all my progress here so you can give me feedback if you want. The idea is to collect all the progress I do here so I can take a look later. Also you can follow me on Artstation (https://www.artstation.com/svi_designs). I plan to do this character as my main porfolio piece, so I can get rid of all I have right now.

The character is a concept by Hyoung Nam, from the game The Last of Us. The final 3D character will be for VFX/Films and not for games


Before starting with Zbrush I did some research on Pinterest so I have enough references to start.

The process I will follow:
  • Base mesh
  • Basic anatomy
  • Basic props
  • Final anatomy
  • Final Props
  • Retopology
  • High frequency details
  • UVs
  • Textures
  • Final render
Some of the process can change in the future and I can go back at any moment If I think so.

As I said I started with the base mesh. I did it in maya and then exported it to Zbrush, from there I did some changes to it so it could feed more to the character and I started sculpting.

As you can see I did a cut in the middle of the character, this is so I can run Zbrush faster. I did the cut in a place that will be hidden by the clothes.

From this I did the basic anatomy.:

At this stage I started thinking about the head. I didn't know If I would have enough geometry to do all the shapes it has. I did some trial and error and i ended up with a solution. I did the infected part using dynamesh and then tryed to hide the seam line.

At this stage I decided to do the clothes, just to have something to use as a starting point. For this I used marvelous designer.

This is all i have right now. The next thing is to start refining the anatomy, which i will be doing next week.


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