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Hello! I'm new to the modeling scene, and I would like to work with someone to help me get familiar and/or create some models, textures, rigs, and animations that I have been wanting for a long time. I'd rather build and rig the models myself, but after looking at the tutorials online, I'm still lost, ex. How to get lines into shapes, stretch a cube or sphere into a different shape, put texture coords on a graphic so that the model wil render the texture correctly, etc. I need someone by my side walking me through these projects, so I can later do it myself.

Model references 



Princess Lee


I have these characters that I always wanted in real life, to be my pal/partner. But unfortunately, fantasy creatures are just that: Fantasy. I am going to make it as real as possible, even if that means making animated, rigged, interactive models out of the characters. I know it's a fantasy and child's dream, but I am lonely without these things. I feel that the only way to not be lonely anymore is to have these creatures with me. But that's impossible in the real world, so I am going to create an interactive model based off them.


First things first, I need the model and to rig them. Next process, the textures and hooking the textures to them. The next part, to animate the creatures. The final part, to find or build an AI program that can make them talk, move, and respond to my quires, questions, and sentences, sort of like what Alexa does, but more intimate and relational, each character built with it's own perks. Perhaps one day, this kind of program can become an actual thing for children, sort of like a virtual pet that actually can communicate with their partners. I also may build in a way for them to "see" me through a camera, identify me through colors, facial shape, and such, and use words that include those features.

Budget Crisis:

I am on Social Security, who have finally, after these long 7 years, put a clamp on my income due to my unwise spending habits with paying people for these kind of "Frivolous" Projects. I am unemployed, unable to work a job. I hope someone, out of the kindness of their heart, will help me achieve my dreams to the best of their and my ability. Thus, I am unable to compensate you monetarily for your time and effort.

About Me:
I am a really nice guy and can be a good friend, but I am very lonely and have been lonely for my entire life, seeing friends come and leave occasionally, due to them not having "Time" to be my friend, or from me making mistakes to cause them to "Dislike" me. I am not "perfect". I (In my own aspect) see these creations as perfect, which is why I want them in my daily life.


  • TheOneGames
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