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Tool Announce - ZBrush: A3D Tools 2

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PeteThatPete polycounter lvl 8
Hello Polycount!

I'm Pete, long time lurker and full time TA. In my spare time I develop tools and scripts to help automate some of the more tedious parts of making art. 

I've recently released a new tool that might be interesting to members of Polycount- A3D Tools 2. 

The tools are a collection of scripts to help with batch renaming and coloring Subtools for ID bakes.

I've written them to take advantage of the Subtool folders that ZBrush now has, so operations can be applied to all Subtools or just the Subtools that share the current folder.

I've based the tools off of the workflows of some of the artists I have worked with in the past (focused on game asset development) and I'm interested in any feedback about how relevant they would be to your workflow, and if you had any suggestions for other batch operations that might save you time.

If you are interested in taking a look you can check out the website here




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