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UE4 Project Centered Around TTRPGs

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Over the past couple weeks I have begun development on a supplementary environment to play TTRPGs with my friends online. I recently had a move across country and do not want my normal weekly sessions to end. Being a DM, weekly games can be a content burn especially with this campaign so I've decided to make a lightweight supplement for our play table in UE4 with some help from Houdini to auto generate the broad strokes of maps and levels.

Because it's early development we are still nailing down a lot of the desired features. After all the main reason we are deciding to do this is we find a lot of the other services that are offered lacking in some meaningful ways or very unfriendly in terms of UI/UX for DMs. So I've put together a small survey of 10 questions to get some data in about some features that people would like to see or what are some common gripes about other online TTRPG systems they've experienced.

Right now the development is intended as a rough supplement/tool to go along with voice calling and the rulebooks, not a replacement of them. If anything this is intended to ease the strain off of busy DMs to provide content for their players and give the players a way to be more engrossed in this content.

If any of this interests you I would very much appreciate your time on this survey.

Thank you and feel free to also bring discussion into this thread about it as well. :)

Edit: TTRPG is a table top role play game such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. DM/GM is a Dungeon Master or Game Master. Just thought to clarify.
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