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3D's max projection method

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Hello everyone.

I've been browsing the internet lately for some tutorials on projection in 3ds max.  and i came across an old post by a CS:GO workshop artist Apel. 

He showed some of his progress on his wips provided in this link : https://polycount.com/discussion/170719/pc-csgo-awp-phobos-shipping-in-a-weapon-case

and this one as well :  https://polycount.com/discussion/182135/usp-s-phobos

I've tried to contact him to discuss what was his workflow on how he managed to do the camera projection within 3ds max and this was an old response from him : "

1. Render angle to a picture and bake it into a planar mesh as a texture;
2. Overpaint rendered picture;
3. Replace planar texture picture;
4. Bake back planar picture into a saved angle, use a camera for that. "

I know the 3dcoat method, but it isnt what i am looking for,  if anyone can help me what he means by these steps that will be really helpful. i am trying to do in 3ds max but i cant figure what was the exact workflow that was done on his method.

Thanks everyone in advance!


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