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[FINISHED] Shady Factory UE4

hi this is my 2nd UE 4 project(abandoned the 1st one because the scope was too big), im really looking forward to completing this one.
here i just blocked the large pieces and some primary props, i only wanted to make 2 walls but now looking at it im thinking of adding side walls and expand the floor, ill be glad to hear your opinion.
PS i need lots of sandbags and im thinkig of making 5 normal map variations, but if there is a better way, do let me know. maybe triplaner projecting a crease normal map on every bag and offsetting it based on its position, IDK, would love to know.


  • Lewis_kennedy
    I'd suggest adding some piping and grime to the walls to make them less bare, maybe some flyers or graffiti or something too, add some noise textures to the wall to cover up the repeating pattern and consider parallax occlusion to make it less flat, make the edge of the second level less sharp, either bevel it or add some light damage to it with a normal map
  • labeeb
    surely ill look into that when i polish the materials, would you happen to know whats to proper name for a place like this because im having a hard time finding new references that i need, i have searched factory, hideout, compound, outpost etc but no good :(
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 interpolator
    For references, i doubt you will find exactly what you want so look for parts of your scene, like brick building or factory, back-alley or street, snadbags or concrete bags, etc.
    For the normalmap variation you have a bunch of options. One would be to rotate and mirror the sandbags so that when they are bunched together like that the repetition is not that visible. Of course baking 2 or 3 variants would be even better, combined with the rotating and mirroring i was mentioning, should remove repetition completely. Another option would be to do a tileable crease texture that you offset like you said, but watch out for seams. It needs to fade out at the seams or fade into the object space normalmap (baked one).
    But i wouldnt spend too much time with just the sandbags because there are other assets that need attention as well.
    Also, i recommend modeling more than what is visible of the scene even if its just basic shapes. The scene will look much better because of the lighting bounces and shadows.
  • labeeb
    update: so i added and textured some new props, and made the other sides of the building, i may leave it here for a week or two for my exams after which i will be adding bevels, pipes and polish the materials, but as of now i would like to know how the scene assembly is, if there is anything that needs to be added or removed, i would love to know that.
  • Lewis_kennedy
    I'mm unsure what your ground material is meant to be honestly, is it concrete or snow? you may wanna re think the material cause it's looking kinda off. up the polycount on the garage doors to give it a bit off a bump on the curves and it'll hep out a lot, maybe even add a slight coloured tint to the lighting could add some mood.

    adding those garage doors and extra wall helps it out a lot though, I was a bit unsure if it was meant to be an interior or an exterior before.
  • icegodofhungary
    I think your green channel on your normal map needs to be inverted. The bricks are casting shadows upside down. Double click on your brick normal map and check or uncheck the box that says "flip green channel".
  • labeeb
    So i was able to spend some more hours on this, all the modeling and texturing has been done. The things which are left are vertex painting puddles on ground, adding decals and post processing.Feel free to suggest overall improvements and a good website for decals and graffiti. Thanks.

  • Mirikiri
    Hey :) 
    Nice work so far. I use textures.com and Quixel for decals or make them by myself but maybe there are better sides. 
    Honestly, I think you still need to change the ground since the repetition, especially in the first picture, is easily visible. Maybe add more dirt or decals on the ground. 
    I don't know, how far you want to go with this scene but maybe add more storytelling probs. For example, maybe the employees are having their lunch there and are smoking so add some cigarettes, an ashtray, and some bottles and lunchboxes. Or think about how old the building is and add more dirt on the ground and walls. Maybe put a sign near the door that says "employees only". Just a few ideas :)

  • labeeb
    I did fix the floor but i dont think i will be spending any more than a few hours on it since its already taken too long, just a couple more decals and then its time for production quality lighting baking. i do think that i should switch to making small dioramas only since i realized i am not a patient enough guy for large scenes, let me know if anyone has experience in that, other than than thanks for overall advice, will be posting final renders in a few days hopefully.

  • labeeb
    I am done, here is the final result. Feel free to give feedback, i would keep that in mind in my next projects but i really want to end this one here. This was my longest project, UE4 was hard at start but I'm happy how this turned out.
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