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FrankPolygon veteran polycounter
I'll be using this sketchbook thread as a place to warehouse write-ups that wouldn't really fit anywhere else. Most of the content will cover concepts and fundamentals related to hard surface modeling with some broader commentary on the creative process.


  • HAWK12HT
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    HAWK12HT polycounter lvl 10

    and ensure the smoothing behavior remains consistent.

    @FrankPolygon thank you for such detail write up on baking.

    Quick question, what do you mean by above line smoothing behavior remains consistent? as in 1 smoothing group for full model or split groups on hard edges followed by UV split ?

  • FrankPolygon
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    FrankPolygon veteran polycounter

    @HAWK12HT Thanks! Good question.

    Low poly smoothing is a term that's kind of ambiguous but it generally means the overall shading of the model. In this context it would include meshes with and without hard edges, provided there's some soft shading.

    It's important to triangulate the low poly before exporting because uncontrolled changes to the mesh can generate different types of normal artifacts. Checking the model in different applications, like Toolbag, Substance Painter, Unity, Unreal, Etc., helps eliminate potential baking issues by verifying the shading behavior is consistent and things like custom normals, smoothing splits, triangulation, etc. were exported / imported properly.

    So, a better choice of words might have been: Triangulate the low poly before exporting to ensure the shading behavior remains consistent.

    @bewsii Reply was delayed but really appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing your experience! Always good to evaluate different workflows and adapt elements that fit new goals.

  • orangesky
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    orangesky polycounter lvl 2

    @FrankPolygon, thank you so much for this series of posts, it's great to see this amount of detailed breakdowns when it comes to doing this type of modeling.

    I'm enjoying like a little kid reading each of your updates and I love to see how you solve each of the modeling challenges in a smart way. It's quite a vice reading you. 

    Now, I understand that modeling with booleans and N-Gons subdivision can work fabulously on baking models for video games, but would it be possible and acceptable to use this workflow for Pixar film productions? 

    Do you think that submitting a portfolio detailing this workflow could be a problem if the company reviewing my work is used to the classic quad-only workflow?

    I would like to hear your opinion about this and also the opinion of other modelers more talented than me.

    Thank you very much for your attention, I am adapting my workflow following your modeling advice at the moment for my personal project.

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