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[WIP] Kingpin Blaster Pistol from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Greetings everyone.    
I've finally decided to try and go towards the game industry, for now as generalist. I think that for my portfolio, knowledge about the process of creating weapons could look nice, instead of only a simple props, so I gave it a try, and here's my high poly Kingpin B.P. from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the game it does nothing else that shooting and looking cool, so I had to improvise. I've made power cell and laser pointer removeable, so  that they could be rigged for animation. I'm aware it looks bad, but there doesn't seem to be any picture of power cell, or laser pointer that in that unnecessarily huge so I, couldn't get good references. But I will still try to find something interesting to incerase their attractiveness. The scope as far as I guess is M40 tank scope weld with it's mount. Gun even tho it does have hammer and backstrap, it won't slide backward, giving them a role of just a decoration. It's a very first firearm I'm trying to model that is intendet to work in game engine so, I would apprecipate feedbacks.


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