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[WIP] Stylized Witches Kitchen- UE4

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ThisisVictoriaZ polycounter
Hello! Ive been working on a new personal project for a little bit, and now I finally feel like I have enough done to start sharing one here. 

For this project i'll be collaborating with two of my close friends who are illustrators. The two of them have been working together to make the concept art for this environment, and i'll be recreating it in 3D! Ill be using Blender to model and sculpt, and substance painter and designer for textures.
Heres what I have so far, I've got most of the major furniture in the scene, I just need to make the rug, table, and chair. 

Concept art so far ( this is still changing, we are still experimenting with different color palates, shapes, and layouts)

Concept illustrations by Cori Boerner https://csb31697.wixsite.com/corisillustrations and Madeline Richardson https://www.smilingfeline.com/


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