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Normal Map Always Bakes Wrong And Gives Bad Shading - HELP

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Alander787 polycounter lvl 2
Hi, it's me again.

I tried to bake my normal map again, after someone here wrote that I should triangulate the mesh and all the problems will be solved. Well it did help with some areas, the majority of those artifacts still persist and I'm losing my hope that I will ever get the normals right. I'm literally pulling my hair out, because I don't get it, what am I doing wrong?

This is meant to be a normal map with details from my high poly mesh. The shading is totally off and I don't know why. The sharp edges are where they should be, the same applies to seams. I maybe added somewhere too many shard edges, but that doesn't seem to be the problem, because that's just the first picture's issue. I did triangulate my mesh before exporting to Substance painter and there, everything looks alright. But as soon as I import the texture to Blender, it's all messed up. 

I can share more informations or even the .blend file if you want. I'm totally lost. Never have I ever got proper normal map....always some stupid problems.


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