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Atlas scatter in Substance Designer?

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gnoop greentooth
Does anyone  know how make it work?    My guess its same shape splatter in its core but I just couldn't figure out  how to make it work.   Whatever I input to it  I see just nothing.     Should I use Atlas splitter  node first ?      There is no section in the help about it, neither  a youtube video explaining.


  • poopipe
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    poopipe hero character
    I had a little dig inside it but gave up - it's very complicated. I don't think you need to use the atlas splitter, there's a load of stuff in there that looks like it's identifying separate shapes in the atlas

    Part of me thinks it might be incomplete - this is on 2020.1.2

    I reckon it's worth asking allegorithmic directly 
  • gnoop
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    gnoop greentooth
    yeah, I gave up too.  As well on atlas splitter .       Give me blurry details for some uncertain reason. 
  • NicolasW
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    NicolasW polycounter lvl 9

    The Atlas Scatter does not require the Atlas Splitter, it's kinda integrated inside..

    The only required thing is the opacity map: that's how it can detect shapes and scatter them (same thing for the atlas splitter).

    If it still does not work, can you post a screenshot of your setup ?
  • gnoop
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    gnoop greentooth
    Thanks for the hint NicolasW

    it's actually work on my end now  . It does require  opacity AND height  inputs of an atlas connected in . Only both of them together  makes something appearing .    Works pretty cool and let you get rid of half of spaghetti monster in your  view .        

    To bad I need to modify it for  one more grayscale channel at least   and  it looks scary

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