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Hi guys,

This is the announcement trailer of our project, I am working on.
The idea on the project is to be able to explore the many worlds, relax, learn and play that feels real with stunning graphics.
Enjoy the trailer.


Thanks for watching!

Additional info about process:
In the process I help with a directing, photogrammetry location strategies, documents, pipelines, huge amount of scanning and reconstruction data, fix issues, polish scanned assets, baking, texturing, optimisation, setup advanced materials, modelling plants grass bushes tress types, layout prototypes and etc. Also for the trailer, most of the cameras I worked extra, some of them were rendering with RTX at 5k some of composition were adjusted and assembled additionally to look good from a camera perspective, the feel and atmosphere of the project in VR is very close.

I hope you have fun with the project and enjoy it!
My Twitter - https://twitter.com/TihomirVFX
My Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/tnd

Shots from unreal engine 4


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