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Looking for 3D modelers and Animators to help with unity horror/survival game REV-SHARE

Hello everyone! My name is Ethan and one of the main programmers and designers as well as the director of an upcoming story driven game with elements of horror/survival/exploration. In this post, I'll give a quick run down of who we're looking for, what we're working on, how to contact me, and how we are paying royalties/sharing the revenue of our game.

What is the game about? 
Our game follows the story of Jake who is a ranger for the wild and large park of SouthPine which is near a rural town of the same name. The game takes place in northern America in a rural town with a national park nearby. It is made up of mostly pine forests and there are mountains in the distance. Jake gets dropped off to follow clues to try and find a missing man, Jason. He soon finds out that the man was attacked by monsters and zombies that occupy the forest and go out and hunt at night. Through out the game learn the story of Jake's past, learn how the zombies got there, survive, and try and save more people from dying. 

What kind of work will I be doing?
We are looking for 3d modelers and animators to bring every part of our game to life. We already have a few people in that section but are looking to grow it considering that we will need to create a lot of assets and animations. We also already have a group of talented concept artists to help out! Our game aims to go for rather realistic graphics. We need to create levels and buildings, props, weapons and tools, vehicles, human characters, zombies, and monsters. We also need to animate many of these things. I'll let you choose whether you want to focus on a specific section of 3d models or work on many things. As for animations, we need animations for many tools and items, the player, NPCs, and enemies.

How will I get paid? 
Joining a rev-share project is risky and sometimes to just get started in the industry and it will be fun to learn new things and work on a cool project, but money is kinda important and I get that, so we have everyone working on all sections of our game log their hours of work on the game and pay based on a combination real world salaries and their hours to calculate the percentage of our revenue they will get. 

Please email with a portfolio or some images and/or videos of work you've done at [email protected] I hope to hear from you soon and we would love to have you on our team!
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