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Anakin Skywalker - Real Time Progress

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annaberu polygon
HELOOO GUYS, I have started a new character, my fav from star wars: ANAKIN SKYWALKER.
So You should expect constant updates on this project as I am working on this pretty much everyday ;)

ALSO, I'll be sharing some tips from what I learn through this project :D, so stay tuned!

So this is just a recent update I did on the character, After working in MArvleous, I fixed the clothing in Zbrush to add more weight to it! 
Still missing some parts to the outfit, but I am pretty much done with the overall look!

I should update the head very soon, no worries if it looks bad right now haha

You can follow my progress on Instagram:  @annaberu.chan or https://www.instagram.com/annaberu.chan/?hl=en

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