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Best CGI "places" to discuss/ask questions/share knowledge...(?) (forums, facebooks, discords..)?

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Jonathan85 polycounter lvl 9
What are the best places to discuss CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)... mainly 3D, but 2D too, VFX etc..? I mean places where you can ask questions, discuss, share knowledge etc... So far i was using mainly forums, but i think i might have "stayed in the past" for too long.. im not using really social sites etc..  I believe there are now more, newer and better places to ask questions/discuss etc. - like Facebook ("groups" its called i think?), Discords (barely know what that is lol :-) ), Telegrams (maybe...?) etc...

So my question is: Can you please post the places you know or visit to discuss CGi, ask questions?
Mine are:

(and then there application specific ones of course liek zbrushcentral, different reddits for each program etc.), but these are the biggest "general" places i visit... its quite few).
Can you post the biggest/best places that are not included here...?
Mainly it will be probably facebook groups, Discords... Telegrams...? (or maybe even something i dont know)...?

(Im looking of course for the biggest "places", not some obscure one where are only few people)


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