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Stretched materials

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mhuang97 polycounter lvl 3
(First time posting here so lemme know if there's something I'm not including or whatever)
I'm a relatively new environment artist learning the ropes. I modeled a ground satellite in Blender 2.8 and brought it into Substance Painter. I feel like my UVs are layed out fine? But the concrete material I applied is stretched, and still looks stretched/blurry even if I lower the scale to <1 or raise the scale drastically (e.g. 15).

What exactly am I doing wrong? I thought maybe it'd have something to do with the UVs for those particular objects are too small, so that the material can't be properly applied, but in that case wouldn't reducing the scale of the material work?

FYI: I am using Tri-Planar Projection instead of UV Projection.

Please let me know if there are any additional details I can include to help with understanding. Thanks for your help!


  • Obscura
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    Obscura grand marshal polycounter
    That is just extremely low res but not stretched. This is a huge asset, so even a 16k texture wouldn't provide appropriate resolution from close up. Imagine that you lay out a 4k texture on a 4m area. That would look acceptable from closer too, but it would start to look like your picture as you go closer and closer. So buildings and such are usually not textured like this. Instead, you break it up into multiple materials, and make uv layouts according to that. So if you decide to have 5 materials, you make 5 uvmaps. There is also 2 ways of texturing such an asset. The first one, and this is whats more common in realtime, is to have tiling textures. Like a tiling concrete, tiling paint etc. The filmic solution is to have "udims". So first you need to decide whats the purpose of the asset. Are you planning to use it in some offline rendered cinematic, or in a game engine. After that, you can decide how exactly to texture it based on this, but 1 set of textures is definitely not the way to go, unless its for some top down game, where you can never see it from this close.
  • Eric Chadwick
    Obscura's advice is good.

    Since you're using Triplanar, that implies you're using a tiled texture, which means you can increase the tiling amount to see less blurriness.
  • Obscura
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    Obscura grand marshal polycounter
    Eric - In  Substance Painter, Tri planer is different from a real time shader one. It gets baked into a unique texture. So in this case, increasing the amount of tiling would not help unfortunately.
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