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Zen UV for Blender

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Zen UV is not just a set of tools, it is ready to use pipeline for fast creating UV’s in Blender. It represents an intuitive system created by professionals and refined in real projects. Enjoy this experience with us!

Main Features

  • Smart Zen Unwrap Operator to mark selected edges/faces as Seams and/or Sharp edges and Unwrap by Marked edges after. Unwrap your model easily with Zen Unwrap!
  • Powerful Marking System that helps you to mark Seams and/or Sharp automatically by angle, by existing UV Borders/Sharp Edges, and manually.
  • Finished System. It helps to control and manage the state of unwrapping UV Islands (Finished/Unfinished) by tags and visually. Nothing will be left not unwrapped!
  • Full set of Transform tools. Move, Rotate, Scale, Flip, Fit, Orient and Align Islands.
  • Mighty Stack System.  Stack and Unstack UV islands automatically and manually. Extremely useful for increasing Texel Density and baking. (Supported on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms.)
  • Copy/Paste Operators. Copy/Paste parameters (Structure,TD, Position, Size) between Islands/Faces.
  • Quadrify Islands Operator to straighten rectangular-shaped UV Islands. 
  • Different Pack Engines. Yes, you can use UVPackmaster 2 with Zen UV.
  • Seam Groups. Work with more than one Seam set!
  • Isolate Island Mode for comfortable step-by-step work with separate geometry parts.
  • Checker Map System is a node-based system that contains Checker Textures designed specifically for Zen UV. Add your own textures, filter existing textures by resolution, square and rectangular formats. Check UV's state on the model without ruining existing materials!
  • Texel Density. Get, Set, and Check Texel Density of UV Islands.
  • Advanced UV Maps. Duplicate, remove, clean, and rename UV Maps of the selected objects in sync.
  • Flexible Preferences System will help you to adjust Zen UV for your needs.
  • Hard Ops add-on integration. It allows displaying UV manipulations in 3D View!
  • Smooth by Sharp (Toggle). Set hard/soft edges for perfect normal map bakes in one click!
  • Intuitive UI with multifunctional Main, Pie, and Popup menus. You will like it!
  • Quick Support on the Discord channel. 
What's new in Zen UV (v2.1) <--- Contains Installation Instruction


Previous Updates



Required Blender version: 2.80+

Documentation: https://zen-masters.github.io/Zen-UV/

Support: https://discordapp.com/invite/wGpFeME

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