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Marmoset won't bake the maps

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Hi everyone,
I made a character in zbrush with its accesories and i wanted to bake the normal, vertex paint, ambient occlussion (etc) maps on the low poly mesh. I have done this before and sometimes i had issues but nothing too bad. This time marmoset will bake me flat textures (like with the normal map) or even black textures (with vertex paint bake).
I dont know why is this happening. The due date is in 5 days, i dont have so much time. I have to say that my highpoly mesh has millions and millions of polygons. Its really laggy. Besides that, I've tried looking at other forums but i cant find a solution. 

Thanks for your time. I appreciate your help.


  • EarthQuake
    It's possible that your computer is running out of video memory. If you open Windows Task Manager, go to the Performance Tab and then click on GPU. If the graph showing Dedicated GPU memory usage is at or near maxed out, this can cause problems.

    A few things you can to do to reduce video memory usage:
    • Close any applications that are using video memory, common culprits would be Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance, etc. But web browsers can hoard video memory if left open for a long time with many tabs
    • Remove any unused meshes or materials from the scene. If you have multiple bake objects in one scene, consider splitting these into one bake per scene.
    • If your high poly is many millions of triangles, consider decimating it to get it to a more manageable count. If your frame rate is low you may have more triangles than your hardware can support
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