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I Need Help Anatomy Critiques About Stylize Character

polycounter lvl 2
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yunuskilic polycounter lvl 2
Hello guys, I could not resolve anatomy this character on concept. And I need advice. Please help me! Thanks...


  • BohSheh
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    BohSheh polycounter lvl 6

    Hello! I kinda suck on body anatomy so I can only advice on facial structure .

    1) Looks overly masculine . This part should be eyelid , not eyebrow .  
    2) Make the cheek rounder  .
  • Crazy_pixel
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    Crazy_pixel greentooth
    Looks like you are working on a very high polygon count, I suggest that you start new from Zspheres and first block out the proportions before you jump into the details. And keep it lowpoly as long as possible ;) that will save you a lot of pain 
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J high dynamic range
    I wouldn't even do this in zbrush but that's just me.

    Take a look at the models from zelda or maybe some disney/pixar characters to see what they've done. no reason to guess when the answers already exist. Probably that eyelid should be almost nothing in the geometry, textures do most the work.

    side profile of face i'd expect to be almost flat with tiny blip for nose. Don't try to morph it into something realistic - will just look odd. Focus on silhouette that carries character from all angles.
  • kanga
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    kanga sublime tool
    Good advice above!
    If you look on the web for anime anatomy, its kind of exact, then simplified. Just means all the lumps an bumps are where they are supposed to be, just not as detailed. Looks like your model is pretty smooth, but any lumpyness can be visually distracting. To get around that you can do like suggested above and do alot of work at a lower resolution. You can also use an anotomic reference while you work (like on an extra screen where you can actually rotate the reference in 3d space). A great app for that is Daz 3D.
    You can pump up the muscle morphs and cut down on the volumme if you want to see where things go. You can also simply lower muscle volume to see a more common type. Also what is super about the app is it lets you hide the diffuse texture from view so you can just concentrate on the form. The sculpt you have is missing the ribcage and the volumes like the deltoids seem odd. Also the neck base and upper chest seem to have too much detail for the style in the ref image.

    Have fun :)
  • yunuskilic
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    yunuskilic polycounter lvl 2
    Guys Thanks for replies and help! 
    I finished this character, thanks!
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